Rebelle 7 Curbing the Learning Curve

I worked out that if you do color pallets and brush tests then export them as an image file you can then import them as references to help with knowing the effect of a brush or a color mix. This has been pretty useful for finding the right tools for the job and also for exploring how Rebelle 7 mixes it’s color and mimics real media (especially for the Watercolor tools and the wet paper feature).

It’s very similar to what I would do with real media so seemed a natural step. I will probably end up doing dozens of these into an archive for future painting. It’s also really handy for color picking as you can set up a palette and just use the dropper tool to pick up colors directly from the reference image.

Rebelle 7 – Default Watercolor Brush Set
Water Color Pallete – Testing Color Mixes
Using them as a reference image while working

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