Endless Elevator

Endless Elevator – Play Now !

A voxel style rework of an arcade classic into a relaxed endless shoot-em up with a unique 2.5D floor climbing vertical play space and a timeless spy themed soundtrack.

Play as the LawMan. A deadly spy working to save top secret plans from the bad guys. You are stuck in the Worlds Tallest Building in the villains’ secret oasis and the bad guys are literally everywhere! Your job is to find the secret messages hidden in the building and to climb as high as you can.

The higher you climb the more messages you collect.

The Dog Run

Take your fun lovin’ pooch for a run – but watch out! There is a bunch of obstacles in your path – it’s a good thing you are a natural jumper and can run all day in all sorts of weather.

We might even play catch with a ball or a frisbee!
It’s going to get weird.

This is a free game – but there is the option to watch ads.
All profits from the ads go to support animal welfare, pet rescue and animal hospitals so watch one now!


Can you add up two numbers that make ten? Great! You can Play!
NumBlocks Base Ten lets you stack, sort, and mash numbers together. As long as they add up to zero (duh!) or ten. Try different strategies to beat your high score.

Check out some game play here:

The Miscellany Archive

Adventure Text

(Google Play Store)

This small game was built as a demo from our extendable framework for text adventure games.  It was built in a week as a distraction and released as a demo for pleasure.

The initial idea was to do a text adventure like the games we used to love in the days before computer graphics were interesting. The project had a really limited scope of just using text to tell a story in the manner of a dungeon crawler that incorporated some kind of hand drawn map just like we used to do when playing D&D.

See our blog posts about the development of this game here:

You can download the code for the game and the framework we used to create it here:

Adventure Castle !

(HTML 5)

Play the first most awesome platformer adventure game by the Zulu Team.  This was our first foray into HTML5 and Game Design.  I have a very VERY soft spot for this game.  Not only does it have excellent colour design  – it boasts ten levels of fun and has a magnificent soundtrack with screaming cats!

This was our first attempt to actually “make-a-game” after we completed training in Game Design at Zenva Academy.

It was crafted with love and has heaps of quirky game play.  It was based on the Quintus library and we used the Tiled map editor for the levels.  All the game play coding and artwork was our own.  The base for the cute “Princess” character was from (which we customised to fit our colour schemes).

Play it! (Click Image below to Play Now!)

Adventure Castle will be a bit slow on the initial load on mobile as the image sizes are totally not optimised – it’s worth the wait though.  It looks great through a browser on a tablet and is even better on PC screen. Have fun!

Perspective Box


A helper tool for drawing boxes in perspective. Created while doing the Draw A Box 250 Box Challenge.

In this Repository there are three versions of the software:

  1. The original Unity Package if you want to import the project into Unity to play with
  2. A Windows compiled installer
  3. An Android *.apk