(In Development)

Hunt By Night

Hunt By Night – Style Drafts

A classic vampyre comic

Basic premise: The Vampyre is constantly hunted. constantly.
It’s a single long night time chase scene – no down time.
Every time he has to make a kill or find somewhere to sleep during the day.
There is no respite.

Vampyre helpers come and go and get killed.
Does the Vampyre change? Can he/she change?
The virus get’s past on. Main characters/vampyres die – everything is in flux the only constant is the hunt to exterminate and the surviving strain of vampyrism.

Cowboy Story

Cowboy Story – Thumbnail Drafts

It’s never simple – never just black and white. Some people are mostly good and do a bad thing and some are bred bad and can be surprisingly upright at times in their own sense of duty, or justice, or righteousness. Most of them are neither good nor bad and probably don’t try to be one or the other – they get cast a certain way and that’s all there is for them.
I had to shoot a young girl. The whole town loved that girl growin’ up – she was funny and bit wild and sweet as well – seemed more alive than most and pleasing to be around. Forthright and honest. You wouldn’t peg her for a girl that would do bad. She’d been borrowing horses since she was young – just loved them – and took em for rides out on the plains. Loved the wild country. Took horses and went out east. Always brought em back and loved em proper like sisters. The last time she tried to take a horse the two cowhands who caught her tried to rape her – she killed em. Now she’s branded a horse rustler and a murderer and I had to bring her in. Shot her off her stolen horse from the top of the hill while she was on the plain about to cross the fjord. She dropped like a stone in the shallows. When I got there she was all curled up cradling her pistol – the barrel tucked in her dress and pointing at me –I had to shoot her again through the spine. She screamed long and loud once and then died with a look on her face that I’ll never forget. The horse she was on tried to kick me or bite me so I had to gun whip it. My horse was non too happy either. The girl gets examined by a doctor on account that every killin’ has to be investigated proper. She was also bleeding from her womb but it wasn’t the bullets. Her mama said it was her first bleed. I killed a girl on the brink of womanhood for loving horses and riding the range. I hate myself.
Cant look at no- one – can’t talk to anyone. All the townsfolk excited and comin’ up and wanted to know the details of the killin’ of the outlaw girl but I couldn’t stomach one of them.
Been in my room now for three days and woulda stayed there if I hadn’t been pulled out. Townsfolk didn’t care none that I was hurtin’. They just needed the law and I was what they got.
There is a an outfit of women riders who work the ranges and an outfit of mixed but mostly men. The women hate me and are likely to kill me on sight. The other outfit are something else. 
Grovers men come into town and was looking to cause trouble with some local cow hands who looked like milksops. Nothing to do with the girl. Now I got to sort it out.

Dog Boy

Dog Boy

A Boy in pyjamas, in space, whose helmet lets him be like a dog.

Space Bugs

Space Bugs – Draft Artwork

Hey Chuck…

Hi Otis. What’cha doing?

I’m lying here. Wonderin’ when I’m going to die.


Will it be on the moons of Eretraie or here just lying here from boredom?

More likely here matey. The moons are fairly stable this season and if there is a disturbance I’ll pick you up.

Riiight. You will. You’d rather watch me get fried by lakes of boiling gas.

At least then I’d be entertained…


The gas ain’t boiling chump. It’s frozen. The grabatractadon is collecting bose-einstien particles. You just the driver today.

Whaat! The…..WHAT! You ain’t sending me to that moon!

I “ain’t” sending you anywhere. Just here to kit you out and drop you out the Window.

Space Mother be damned! You is NOT throwing me out the Window into that! I AM going to die today!

(IN each frame of this scene a few bugs start to appear. Just one or two at first. But then more. They are coming in and out of a crawl space. The last frame zooms in and follows them into it and BAM bugs everywhere!)

UnderWater Girl

Underwater Girl – The Spear and the Shark
Skin Diver

Ocanoku (Oceanic walk) – Japanese Ōshan’u~ōku

The opening scene – a walkway above the deeper ocean off the shore.
A couple maybe from above – hair – talking at the rail.
It pans out to show the Ocanoku
they are planning a dive near the wreck – a sunken WW11 boat somewhere off the coast of japan.
The sea
The sky clouds
Next day the boat like Costeau’s going out.
More talk – a third man – islander broad – short white curly hair.
Then diving – all three.
They are photographers – he is a guide.
They work.
A storm closes in.
A shark attacks – man eater.
Kills the man – or injures severely.
The guide lifts him back.
The woman faces the shark.
She is saved by Underwater girl.
Does she ride a dolphin?
did she use a spear or a knife?
Did she have a turtle shell shield?
The pictures are blurry or distant or cropped.
A close up of an eye.
The long hair.
Was that a tail? or fins?
The woman floats up aided by the girl.
The water is dark now and unclear.
She does not surface once the woman is floating but disappears.
Who was she?