Rebelle 7 Anatomy Study

My first real go with Rebelle 7 on a semi-serious study.

I’m finding the flat oil brush to be the most useful. Especially when set to blend. It’s kind of like sculpture the way it lets you move the paint around to make forms. It’s really is like using real oil paint – except that it never dries out and you can work it endlessly over a week. I did the background with an oily knife brush which was very pleasing and surprisingly like using a real pallet knife. I tried the airbrush but was not that happy with the result (I’m not really an airbrush aficionado) it just looked like a dirty patch but I’m probably not using it correctly. The use of an inbuilt reference window and guides that could be replicated onto the work is a really nice feature as well. Still the killer feature for me is being able to mix paint into tones on the pallet mixer. The UI and the Windowing system is a little clunky with windows and side bars sometimes falling off the screen and resetting when the application is minimized (on a Windows 10 machine) but I’m learning to look past those quirks.

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