The Dog Run Soundtrack

Hi Gene here !  We are getting really close to pushing our Dog Run game into Beta Testing on the Play Store.  The original soundtrack was a little too moody for the game so we started working on a new one.

If you want to be a Beta Tester Subscribe to this mail list on the right.

We started with a basic rhythm and then built it up into eight different loops. Next the crazy funky keyboard riff was added in a really simple twelve bar step pattern.  It took a while to get it right but the wailing howling synth was laid over the top in about sixteen takes. Worth it though. Last we added a few undulating effects for interest and mixed it down inside the box.  I’ve been listening to it loop about in my head for a few hours at a time and I think it’s making me loopy. Damn fine effort even if I say so myself.

Check it out on Soundcloud: (Set it too loop!)

Gene out.

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