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  • Unity: Android Native Crash – [Solved] MP4 Audio Encoding Problem

    I’ve been in Beta Testing for a new game I’m about to release on the Google Play Store (the game is called Endless Elevator). I kept having Native Crashes on specific Android platforms in all my builds in the Pre-Launch Reports. Native Crashes can be terrible to work through if you get unlucky so I…

  • Endless Elevator – Last Week of Beta Testing

    Endless Elevator – Last Week of Beta Testing

    Hi Harmony here, I’d like to thank the wonderful Beta Testers who have signed up for our Open Beta of Endless Elevator over the last month. I was really surprised how many people responded to our call and very grateful to all those who provided feedback. The Open Beta is still running for another week…

  • Endless Elevator – Early Access Beta

    Endless Elevator went into Beta Testing on May 27, 2020.

  • Using ADB Logcat to Debug Unity Application Start Up Times

    Our game The Dog Run has been in open Beta testing for some time and we are wrapping up new builds after the feedback we received during the process. There is still time if you want to check out the Beta edition of the game on the Play Store: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.ZuluOneZero.TheDogRun We used the built in Unity…

  • Endless Elevator Mechanics

    Howdy. Xander here… This is a quick demo of the basic play mechanics from our new game in development Endless Elevator.  We got the basic movement working a while ago (see our Smooth Moves post) and now that The Dog Run is in BetaTesting we can spend some more time working on this game. (If…

  • The Dog Run – Game Play Demo

    Hi Harmony here… Today I did some game play testing of the new game we are beta testing right now. If you want to do some beta testing you can opt in here:   https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.ZuluOneZero.TheDogRun Feedback can be posted on the website in the comments or directly by email at zuluonezero.z10@gmail.com  

  • How To Get Beta Testers

    How To Get Beta Testers

    Yay! We Are In Beta! When ZuluOneZero published NumBlocks on the Google Play Store we went through the requisite development phases. The game has been released now – have a play: NumBlocks published on the Google Play Store for Android. Click to Play: Also on the Amazon Play Store for Android and Kindle. Click to…