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Since publishing Endless Elevator I’ve been enjoying the freedom to explore other aspects of game development and learning new skills. One of the things I’ve really amped up is the art side of the brain. I’ve been doing Drawabox and Inkober and lots of other things on the side. It’s like the freakin’ Renaissance here.

One thing I’ve really enjoyed with Drawabox is cementing the skills of seeing the world in 3D. To help me get into the groove I did a quick project to make a box in perspective that can be manipulated.

I’ve put it online if anyone wants to play with it. There is no rocket science here just the fundamentals done simply to make a functioning tool:

Perspective Box Project

In the Repository there are three versions of the software:

  1. The original Unity Package if you want to import the project into Unity to play with.
  2. A Windows compiled installer.
  3. An Android *.apk.

A small disclaimer for those who use it when working on the 250 box challenge:

The 250 box challenge is intended to develop one’s internal model of 3D space. It’s not uncommon that students will try to use 3D modeling software or something when they struggle, figuring that finding something that will make the task itself easier is a good thing. The problem with this is that it causes them to take a spatial problem and turn it into an observational one, which in turn sidesteps the goal of the task.

So, looking at tools like this in a more general sense to just see how things can rotate and what that does to the lines (frankly this tool’s inclusion of the line extensions makes it considerably better than just looking at 3D models), is okay – but you should not be attempting to draw from it directly.

this is the thread of the Reddit post:

The rest of this month I’ll be doing Slowvember and Huevember.

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