Unity SVG Screen Test

I been toying with an idea for a new text adventure game. I wanted to finally start using the framework we built earlier in the year (See this post and check out the code for yourself). I also wanted to get into the new-ish support for SVG graphics in Unity. I love Vector Graphics and I think this project is going to be a great way to use their simple clean aesthetic.

I did a “screen test” of a very quick vector image using InkScape. (I have a deep respect for the Linux and Open Source community and want to thank them now for such awesome software).

To get started with SVG files in Unity 2018.x you need to import the package using the Package Manager (it’s called Vector Graphics). This allows you to pick up SVG files when you import a new asset. You can also drag and drop from your explorer into your project hierarchy.

The SVG image shown below is the three receding black squares. The SVG sprite is on a separate canvas to my text (and sorted behind it). I’ve added a couple of raw images in the same color as my background and an animator component to move them around to give the “drawing” effect.

I have to say I’m pretty happy with the resulting mock up and think this will be the way forward in developing this project. Resizing the screen view into different formats works as expected with the Vector image staying crisp (which is more than you can say for the poor four color buttons below it that use a scaled sprite – very fuzzy).

Zulu out.

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