Text Adventure

I started the New Year feeling a little dispirited and un-enthused. It takes Sooooo long to finish a game so that when your attention is flagging it just makes it seem worse.

To remedy that I woke up one morning with a new idea for a game and feeling spirited again I decided it would be really quick and easy to make it. So that’s what I did. In a couple of sessions I had worked up an interface and a print method for a text based adventure game.

I used to love these as a kid on my Trash-80. They were the bridge between the role playing genre and computer games.

So this is the start of it. It’s really simple. Laid out in nice “wood feel” with simple movement buttons to navigate, a “show map” button, and an Action/Attack button to fight off those all important monsters and to fiddle widgets with.

First Draft

Honestly I just wanted to have fun and do something quick and easy. I’ll release it for my own pleasure when it’s done. There is still a bit to go like getting the map working so that it displays where you’ve been and getting combat simulation going – but easy-pease little steps. I don’t want to spend more than a week doing it.

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