Cheating on Friends and Strangers

Is it wrong to cheat on word games with your friends and strangers?

At ZuluOneZero we love games and puzzles. Any sort of game. Any sort of puzzle. But there is a special reserved bike parking spot for the word games winner of the week.

It started with the Target puzzle in The Age.  This is a nine letter word puzzle where they give you nine letters with one in the middle and you need to find as many words as possible.  I wouldn’t mind saying that it gets a bit competitive as we all think with the same brain and don’t like to lose.

This is what a Target puzzle looks like…

But is it OK to cheat?  What is the etiquette and morality of using word helpers?

For example an excellent resource for all word related games and a must for people who want to improve their skills and vocab is  I highly recommend it for working on your own.  But please don’t use it to cheat on social games.  That’s just not fair.


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