Voxellated Procrastination


Oh My DOG! Playing with MagicalVoxel is fun! I don’t know what made me open it up. A little bit of frustration with my Dog Run game that’s not really going anywhere that I was happy with. If you feel like doing some beta testing and telling me where I’ve got it all wrong subscribe and I’ll add you into the Alpha Testers group.

You know when you get into that development funk and you can’t seem to get anything to work?

Anyway I was doing some animation research and saw that Magical Voxel had a new upgrade that enabled little animations and that kind of excited me. So I downloaded it and started playing around then BOOM. Inspiration strikes and in a couple of hours I got ten level objects and a new idea for a game and another project building in Unity already.

The voxel editor isn’t that great for porting colored objects into unity cause it creates a new vector for every color and does something a bit funky with the poly count. No problem. I did everything in one color to reduce the number of crazy vectors and imported it into Blender.  Then I added a decimation modifier to lower the poly count and merged a few faces. But then I just started importing models directly into Unity with simple walls and floors and doors and it was awesome.  There was no need to reduce the poly count with such simple meshes. Such a quick workflow!  I could make a doorway or a lift and the actual door or lift box would just fit inside the door frame or lift shaft with no modifications! Awesome. Everything to the same scale.

Import all that into unity and add a dummy character and some basic lighting and here you go…….

Looks great huh?

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