NumBlocks published on the Google Play Store for Android!

A fun numbers game that’s easy to learn but hard to master.
Can you add up two numbers that make ten? Great! You can Play!
NumBlocks Base Ten lets you stack, sort, and mash numbers together.
As long as they add up to zero (duh!) or ten. Try different strategies to beat your high score.

Click the image to Play!

New GIMP Speed Drawing Cartoon

I made a new speed drawing for Trixie – check it out

These are quick sketches done for our team to use as avatars.

I’ve recently done them all using GIMP and uploaded the one of myself here:

I recently started reading a great comic book faces drawing book by artist Christpher Hart called Cartoon Faces. I prefer to work from books but he has a YouTube channel.

The music for this video was by Zulu.  It was created some time ago but fits nicely with the feel of the artwork.   It’s been uploaded to our Sound Cloud account so if you make a good Space Game let us know and we might let you use it.

The Five Games in Ten Weeks Challenge!

Some months back I went to a local presentation by the Unity champions at The Arcade (a collaborative workspace specifically for game developers and creatives) in Melbourne.  It was one of those “learn about others and gain insight into one’s self” moments.  One thing I picked up from one of the presenters from Hipster Whale (makers of Crossy Road) was that when they were developing a new game they tried to keep the proof of concept to a two week period.  Some time later with this in mind I presented to myself the “Five Games in Ten Weeks Challenge!” to see if I could really push out five different games in ten weeks.

Five Games in Ten Weeks

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New Game! Peace Run

Hi Zulu here  – We started work on a new game this week called Peace Run.  I wanted to do a continuous runner and really liked the idea of having a line drawing animation that looks like the player character “grows” out of the line.  The runners will be animal silhouettes like the dog shown here.

Doing the frame by frame animation has been really fun but it took a lot of trial an error to get to this point – which as you can tell isn’t perfect yet.

All the artwork was done in GIMP 2 and the game design is in Unity3d.  We used a simple animation script to play the start of the walk sequence.  I can’t wait to get this puppy into a run and a full sprint.

BETA Testers wanted! NumBlocks

Hi Zulu here – we just got our latest game NumBlocks into the Play Store and have opened it up for Beta Testing.

NumBlocks is a fun numbers game that’s easy to learn but hard to master.

This is our first game in the Play Store and is a great test bed for us.

We wanted something small and simple that looked good in action and was fun – NumBlocks was our answer.  It was the front runner to our “Five Games in Ten Weeks” challenge and broke a lot of new ground for us.

New Speed Painting in GIMP

Hi Gene Goldenberry here – resident imaginary artist and ZuluOneZero. This is how I drew and painted my profile picture in GIMP.
(BTW the audio is from our latest game NumBlocks on the Play Store and was done by our Audio Technician Baron Von Hummbolt (not a real person).

We are currently looking for BETA Testers for NumBlocks: